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One of the biggest fallacies committed by most people seeking weight loss and/or fat loss it they seek the advice of the so called industry experts (even expert weight loss coaches) and their advice is to stop fat intake altogether!!!

However, stopping fat intake altogether could have drastic repercussions in a negative way and here’s the reason why: Stopping all fat consumption means that you will stop CLA intake as well (not to mention the other good fats). As a result, your body is deprived of the metabolism-enhancing benefits of CLAs and the residual fats in your body could take a much longer time to burn.

CLAs are essential in the way that they enhance the rate of fat metabolism; they help in increasing the effectiveness of other weight loss products and bring about a noticeable change in a person’s fat deposits.

The Benefits of CLA

So, CLA’s are scientifically proven to burn fat, but they are distinctive because CLA’s can target the most obstinate fat that has been stored within the body over the years. Some weight loss supplements can effectively remove fats that have been recently consumed but they draw the line over fat that has been accumulated for a long period of time because of the chemical reactions that take place in them, making them more difficult to remove. CLA’s have proven themselves to be highly effective eliminators of such obstinate fat.

CLA’S are attributed to many health benefits but by restoring the Body’s level of CLA:

  1. help in increasing the fat metabolism of the body, which results in weight loss.
  2. help in lipolysis, which is the scientific term for the fat tissue breakdown in the body.
  3. help in increasing the amount of healthy muscle in the body, which is known as lean muscle mass.
  4. are responsible for various enzymatic actions in the body which help in the digestion of food.
  5. can assist in reducing the size of the fatty cells present within the body.
  6. can help in what is known as ‘inch reduction’; essentially meaning they promote inch loss.
  7. help control and maintain the overall metabolic rate of the body.

In Summary what’s the REAL benefits of CLA?

CLAs are known to burn fat but are distinctive from all other fat-burning foods because they can target the most obstinate fat that has been stored within the body over the years. Additionally they prevent your body from storing excess fat. Most weight loss supplements can effectively remove fats that have been recently consumed but they draw the line over the removal of fat that has accumulated over the years.

Now obviously the best way to view this is in combination:


For those interested in taking CLA for Health or Fat Loss:

- Recommended use: 1 capsule 3-4 x’s a day at 4-6 hour intervals

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Much has been written about CLA and I’m often inundated with questions around fat loss products. So to answer your questions and remove some of the confusion........

What is CLA?

Basically your body produces many fatty acids itself but there are 3 types that your body is unable to produce on its own. The 3 types are:

  1. Linoleic Acid
  2. Arachadonic Acid
  3. Linolic Acid

You are probably familiar with the term ‘essential fatty acid’ which to sum up means your body cannot function correctly without them. So, CLA or this type of ‘essential linolic acid’ is a good fat that your body needs and is commonly found in beef, veal and certain dairy products and cooking oils. As CLA’s are classified as an essential fatty acid for the body they should be taken in minimum doses every day for the proper maintenance and wellbeing of the human body.

Now here’s the reason why your body may not have enough CLA

Ok, so now we know that its ‘commonly’ found in beef, veal, cooking oil and certain dairy products why do I need to take it regularly if I’m already getting enough via certain foods? So, here’s the surprise………….(but not everyone knows) the actual amount of CLA naturally found in these food chains has decreased significantly over the years due to the over processing of both the food itself and also due to the over processed foods that the cattle is being fed on in the first place!!…………….(so not that ‘commonly found anymore!)

Most farmers today have to rely heavily on ‘processed feed’ for their cattle and to protect their profits and now more than ever that means its having a direct impact on our CLA levels. Because cattle are being fed more and more ‘processed fodder’ as opposed to when cattle were purely grass fed this one big change in our cattle’s diet means that this has led to a significant decrease in their own CLA levels.

So to sum up……… What that basically means to you and me is…,

.....our cattle have less CLA naturally because of their diet. The more a food is processed and the more processed foods we eat the further it reduces the amount of natural CLA initially present in the food and the less CLA your body takes from these food sources.

For this reason anyone that raises their weight loss or training game and simply ups their protein intake may still not be getting enough CLA due to this constant over processing of our food chains and a CLA supplement may be the only answer to shift fat from those stubborn areas.

So, What has CLA Got To Do With Fat Loss?

Ok, so now we know why our bodies aren’t producing enough of the essential fatty acid CLA, but how come CLA is so significant to weight and fat loss?

To sum it up simplistically, CLA helps your body use its existing fat for energy. If it’s unable to convert the fat in to energy due to low CLA levels then your body will naturally store more of the fat you eat if it’s unable to convert it!!

Why CLA is essential to help you burn fat?

There are 3 factors that determine your metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories your body uses every day:

  1. the BMR or (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the rate your body uses energy for vital body processes and the closely related RMR (resting metabolic rate), is the amount of daily energy expended when at rest
  2. the rate you burn energy during physical activity
  3. the rate you use energy during the digestion of food

CLA can help to increase the metabolic rate which when increased helps you to burn more fat. Here’s how it works:

The real benefit of CLA is that as you turn fat in to muscle you are vastly improving your body composition. In addition to this as you increase muscle and drop fat your burning even more energy meaning that you are burning even more fat!!!

By increasing lean muscle mass your metabolism will increase and aid the weight and fat loss process.


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