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We aim to bring you the very best supplements for females at the very best prices to support all of your weight loss and toning goals.

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Our supplements contain unique blends of specially crafted fat loss formulas and it’s a combination of these specially formulated ingredients that provide you with the best support for all of your nutritional, toning and weight loss goals, sculpting and transforming your body.

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Scientists suggest 'When you Eat, Not What is Key' to losing Weight...


Scientists have suggested that WHEN you eat is the key to losing weight. 'The secret lies with your body clock....' Eating out of phase with the biological clock's schedule can offset a person's metabolism - and cause them to process fats and sugars differently, experts warned. ... Read more

What's all the fuss about Protein, and Do We Really Need It?


Well it’s relatively accepted now with all the studies that have been carried out the current #No1 ‘Go to Diet for Fat loss’ IS a ‘high protein low carb approach’. However there still seems to be some confusion out there on how much is enough?  AND what does it actually do? I am going to try and simplify the whole thing without... Read more

Why not join Guy in the Kettlercise Kitchen?


  Guy has been busy in the kitchen this morning and the results are not only delicious but greatly entertaining! Watch the Kettlercise guru turn his hand to a whole new venture, blending! Are you looking for a great tasty breakfast or refreshing snack? Why not try the delicious Breakfast Smoothie, available in 4 great flavours: S... Read more

Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat later in the day


Seriously if you haven't yet seen this full article written by the BBC then there is no better time than NOW to read it!!  Research proves that Skipping breakfast, meals and fasting DOES prime the brain to seek out those extra calories later in the day' .... Brain scans show that skipping breakfast makes fatty, high calorie foods a... Read more

The CLA Myth......“I’m on a Fat Loss Diet so have been advised NOT to Eat Fat!”


One of the biggest fallacies committed by most people seeking weight loss and/or fat loss it they seek the advice of the so called industry experts (even expert weight loss coaches) and their advice is to stop fat intake altogether!!! However, stopping fat intake altogether could have drastic repercussions in a negative way and here’s th... Read more

CLA (Conjuated Linolic Acid) has been proven to speed up metabolism, which helps you burn…


Much has been written about CLA and I’m often inundated with questions around fat loss products. So to answer your questions and remove some of the confusion........ What is CLA? Basically your body produces many fatty acids itself but there are 3 types that your body is unable to produce on its own. The 3 types are: Linoleic Acid A... Read more


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